The Chapel-mausoleum “St. George Victor”

The Chapel-mausoleum “St. George Victor” was built in the period of 1903-1907 in memory of the perished Russian and Romanian warriors in the battles at Pleven during the Russo-Turkish war - 1877-1878.

Тhe motion of building the mausoleum was presented on 18th May 1902. It had to be discussed by the Committee “Tsar Liberator Alexander II”. At the end of 1902 a national competition was announced. Twelve Bulgarian architects entered it. The winner was Pencho Koychev.

The impressive building, monument of gratitude, was built in Bulgarian church style.

On 24th April 1903 the foundation stone of the chapel-mausoleum was laid by lieutenant-general Daniel Nickolaev, Yuree Bahmetiev - a Russian diplomatic agent, N.Mishu - a Romanian minister plenipotentiary, Dr. Stoyan Danev - a prime minister, Colonel Mihail Savov - war minister and Dragan Tsankov - chairman of the National assembly. The construction began with the help of the gathered donations as well as state funds - 350 000 gold levs.

The artistic work was made by Professor Marin Vasilev, Professor Ivan Travnitsky, Boris Mihailov, Professor Ivan Murkvichka, and Professor Anton Mittov.

The Chapel-mausoleum was inaugurated on 3rd September 1907 in the presence of the Royal Prince Ferdinand I, the Grand duke Vladimir Alexandrovich - son of Emperor Alexander II, Royal Princess Maria Pavlovna and members of the Committee “Tsar Liberator Alexander II”.

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The Chapel- mausoleum “St. George Victor”
The Chapel- mausoleum “St. George Victor”
The crypt of the Chapel-mausoleum
The crypt of the Chapel-mausoleum
Professor Ivan Travnitsky - Iconostasis
Professor Ivan Travnitsky - Iconostasis