The Military historical museum’s library

In 1907 when the War museums were opened, it became obvious that scholarly bibliography had to be collected.

The first information on the existence of a library has been provided by Stoyan Zaimov in his books “Travel notes about the sacred places of grateful Bulgaria” and “Anniversary guide-book”. At first there were 107 books in the library – publications made by the Russian War ministry about the Liberating War and about the history of the Russian army. They were given as present by the Russian imperial government and a few books – by the Romanian imperial government through the War ministries.

In its 100- year history of existence the library has enriched its fund with scholarly bibliography in Bulgarian, Russian, Romanian, Turkish, English, German, French and other languages. The books about the Russo-Turkish war 1877-1878 published during the war, immediately after it and up to the end of the 19th century are worth much.

One of the oldest issues kept in the library is Major-general D.P.Butturlin’s book “A Picture of the war between Russia and Turkey during the reign of Empress Ekaterina II and Emperor Alexander I” – translated in French and published in Sanct Peterburg in 1829.

The first museum guide-books published in Bulgaria in 1907 and giving description of the War museums on the eve of their inauguration could also be found in the library.